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Located in Surrey British Columbia, Evergreen Medical Products offer cutting-edge therapeutic surfaces meticulously crafted to aid in both the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries, setting the standard for excellence in this vital healthcare domain, using alternating pressure and low air loss therapies.

They partner closely with their engineers and clinicians to deliver top-notch products designed to be intuitive, comfortable for clients, and adaptable to all patient care settings, while ensuring their products meet the latest standard of care for skin protection and healing.

The Surfaces

The Palm surface prevents and treats skin injuries using alternating pressure and micro low-air loss technologies. Its ‘Auto-detect’ feature reduces setup and maintenance, making it perfect for any patient care setting.

Designed for comfort and protection, it has a contoured cell design, 8” height, and a static head section.

The Palm has an easy–to–use control panel and three therapeutic modes for personalized care and comfort.

The OpalAir is tailored as a comprehensive therapeutic surface, meeting the needs of high-risk and complex clients. Like The Palm, it’s user-friendly with similar controls and therapies but stands out with a higher air flow rate, reducing moisture for better healing conditions.

Its deep cell design allows for maximum immersion and offloading, reducing pressure on vulnerable skin areas. Equipped with clinical features to reduce agitation and enhance skin protection and comfort, the OpalAir promotes restorative sleep and healing.

The OpalAir Turn surface prevents and treats skin injuries by combining advanced lateral rotation technology with alternating pressure and low air loss functions. Its rotation feature simplifies caregiving tasks while enhancing pressure distribution and moisture reduction, making it ideal for bariatric clients.

With a high airflow rate and ‘Auto-Detect’ feature for easy set-up and maintenance, this surface is suitable for any patient care setting. The OpalAir Turn includes all the clinical features of the OpalAir, plus Lateral Rotation Therapy for comprehensive care.

The Elevate cushion is designed for safe heel elevation and suspension, providing protection and offloading for at-risk ankles and heels. With a contoured shape and breathable gel-infused memory foam, it offers maximum immersion and pressure redistribution along the calf, keeping heels free from contact with the mattress surface.


It’s perfect for clients prone to skin breakdown due to circulation or skin issues, or those with existing pressure injuries on the heels or ankles. The elevate ensures comfort and promotes proper leg positioning, with raised side bolsters and a non-slip bottom cover for stability against the mattress surface. Its simple design allows for easy use in any care setting.

Additionally, it's made with CertiPUR-US certified foam, free from harmful chemicals, and BioFlx sustainable foam, providing comfort with a smaller environmental impact.

How Can We Help?

Our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with expert guidance and assistance, helping you find the present Evergreen Products to meet your unique needs and preferences. Call us today and chat with our sales team! Call us today @ 780-483-1762!


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