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Home Accessibility

Modify Your Home to Improve Daily Routines

 Improving and promoting you or your loved ones daily independence is important to us.

At Congdon’s we provide a selection of home accessibility products that will modify your home and bring a sense of ease to your daily routines. 
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We offer three types of Stair Lifts to help you access any floor in your home whenever you need to. We prioritize aesthetics, comfort, and safety in partnership with our suppliers. Whether you have straight stairs or stairs with separate runs and platforms, we can find the right fit for you.

Brands We Carry

 If you use a wheelchair or Scooter, consider investing in a Porch Lift. We will provide the quote and product, as well as installing and servicing it for you.

We work with a supplier conveniently located in Edmonton. Their aid is user-friendly and instantly gives you a sense of independence and confidence, allowing easy access to your home.
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Our Trusted Porch Lift Brand

While the Stair Lift and Porch Lifts are our most common items, our range of accessibility products doesn't stop there. We also carry and install:
  • Ceiling Tracks

  • Ceiling Lifters

  • Residential Elevators

  • Commercial Porch Lifts

  • Threshold Ramps

  • Modular Ramps

Brands We Carry


Our Sales Team

Available Monday to Friday, 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Our Home Accessibility Products are custom-made to suit different homes. With our knowledgeable and experienced sales team, we'll help you find the right product tailored to your needs, ensuring it fits and lasts. We offer free onsite quotes for all of the equipment we sell and travel within the city, surrounding areas, and beyond.

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