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Expert Tips on How a Home Can Be Made Handicap-Accessible

The ability of people suffering from any infirmity often depends on them and their support system. Disabilities change the way we operate in our day-to-day lives, even in spaces such as home. If you are looking for mobility aids in Edmonton, choose Congdons Aids To Daily Living, Ltd. We are also glad to offer rental and repair services.

With the advancement of technology and research, there are several solutions available for comfort at home. Some of them are:

Accessible Entrances

Stairs can be a dangerous space for people with limited mobility. You need at least one entrance with no steps or a way to get around existing steps. Consider the following options for easy accessibility:

  • Use portable ramps.

  • Build a bridge which connects your house and yard on a sloping site.

  • Install a weather-resistant lift or elevator.

Wide Doorways

You would need a doorway with a broad opening to roll a wheelchair. Here are some ways to widen an existing one:

  • Replace it.

  • Temporarily remove the door.

  • Install swing-away hinges.

  • Reverse swing of the door for wider opening.

  • Remove the woodwork around the door.

Useable Bathrooms

Many people face problems with slick tiles which are risky when wet and soapy. It is thus, important to ensure bathroom safety to eliminate the danger of a fall. For instance, you can install a step-in tub without any barriers, allowing you to step into the tub without straddling the side. You can also use quality walking aids to improve mobility in such spaces.

Relocating Your Activities

If you stay in a two-story home, consider ways to accommodate eating, sleeping and bathing in one area. Rearrange your home so that all the daily activities can be done on one floor.

Restructuring Your Tasks

Consider getting your tasks done with the help of others. For example, your family members can do your laundry and you can assist them with some of their responsibilities.

Rearranging Your Furniture

The smart way to rearrange your furnishing is by going minimal. A large piece of furniture can block access to rooms; reorganizing them can create straight lanes for movement.

Placing Handrails in Key Areas

Well-placed handrails can be a good support for people with poor balance and low mobility. Grab rails in bathrooms and bedrooms will reduce the risk of falls and help the user lift themselves up from seated positions.

Avoiding Doorknobs

Replacing hard to use doorknobs with push or pull bars, press lever handles or automatic doors, will make your home more accessible.

Simplifying Pool Entrances

Pools can be a lot of fun, but hard to use for people with disabilities. Ladders and entry stairs can pose a safety threat. There are some pools accessible for handicapped people. For instance, pool lifts ensure their safe water entry; they also support varying weight capacities.

Being Mindful of Surfaces

Surfaces made of hardwood, thick rugs and rough grout can be hard to move on with walkers and canes. Installing carpets or rugs offer smooth mobility.

How Can We Help?

At Congdons Aids To Daily Living, Ltd., we offer a variety of mobility aids which suit your need. Our dedicated customer service team provides you with quality services and advice. For more information, give us a call or fill out our form here and we will respond to you promptly.


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